Little Gaddesden


Our Clients had rented a farmhouse for many years and were now wishing to purchase their own character house. A property locally became available that although structurally stable was in need of substantial modernisation, and they warmed to a project, that they could stamp their own living and requirements upon.


  • A rear wing that was used for a garage and storage above was fully converted into habitable accommodation. The old garage was accessed by cars driving across the garden at the back of the house!
  • The old small kitchen was stripped bare and then walls were removed to knock through and have a long Family area with far reaching views to the patio and garden.
  • A large patio was designed to wrap around the rear of the house, and sensitive repairs and alterations were made to the house after stripping back ivys. Where the garage used to be two sets of Bifold doors were installed to allow the new large Kitchen to interact with the rear patio, and large designed BBQ island that we worked on with the clients.
  • The rest of the house was restored and timber floors installed. Bedrooms were overhauled and refurnished. New character windows installed throughout.
  • The clients stripped a completely overgrown rear garden including out of control Lleyandii trees to re-lawn and have an open garden next to fields and open countryside, enabling a view to the historic parish church