The Old Rectory


Invariably we are engaged to alter and adapt existing homes to meet the needs of a modern family life, which in the case of historic buildings must be carried out sensitively. This project involved the forming of an extensive kitchen / family area in the heart of an historic building and restoring other areas of the house, with the client keen to establish their mark on style and interior finish.


  • The home was originally built by a wealthy early victorian vicar who built a small kitchen and pantry for his servants, and not conducive to modern family living.
  • Permission was given to remove utilitarian brick walls at the rear to open up a long Kitchen / Breakfast room, that was then designed to have interaction with a sunken courtyard garden. The upper terrace and Pool building were already existing.
  • The original billiards room with arched ceiling was converted into a new master suite, with opulent Dressing room and large open plan Ensuite – the original house had 6 bedrooms on the first floor but no dressing or ensuite areas. The split level billiards room gave the extra bedroom space with master facilities without altering the upper core rooms of the house.