After effecting a Structural Survey report our Clients made a reduced offer and purchased a large house, that was once a country Hotel. Although in reasonable structural order there were a number of items that were identified as needing attention. After reflecting upon the layout we have been further engaged to make internal alterations within the home and effect the repairs needed to the tiring structure.


  • We have recently completed the designs and specification for the complete renovation of the home. A Contractor is enagaged to start this summer, with a 7month programme for the restoration..
  • There were a number of items that were identified as needing attention at the point of house purchase.The orangerys were noted as appearing aesthectically impressive but poor workmanship and material deficiencies were identified….the project includes to completely overhaul these areas and make significant fenestration changes.
  • The services are to be overhauled and made more efficient
  • All bathrooms are to be stripped out ansd renovated
  • New Kitchen, Utility, and seperate Pantry areas to be created in a more “comfortable” part of the house.