Daisy Cottage


The Clients house was more of a Town House, rather than its name suggested,in the suburbs of a provincial town. The Victorian layout included a large two storey historic L shaped extension to the rear, with a fussy set of painted walkways and balconies. The brief was to remove the balconies and the whole wall flanking the rear extension so that the ground floor could be opened up into one massive room, for Kitchen, snug, and family dining areas. The property was featured within, and on the front cover, of a well know household magazine.


  • The structural Engineering was significant to create the 6m wall removal to open up the large area to be created
  • The new extension had a flat roof that included a near flat glass rooflight to give a clean contemporary design that did not try to articulate and compete with the Victorian architecture at the front of the house
  • Sliding metal doors were carefully chosen to be robust and practical within the spaces and the Engineers requirements.
  • The Client overlapped with well though out interior furnishes and colour schemes to make this large space feel homely.